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Research shows that children whose parents actively engaged in their education are

more successful across the board.  We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to

regularly help students with homework, arrive at school on time, fully participate in school

events, and stay in regular contact with the school via ClassDojo, e-mail, or phone calls. 


Volunteering and Background Checks 

Adult volunteers are important to the school's culture and health!!  That being said, today’s world does require schools to take extra precautions in ensuring the safety of our students and staff.  One such precaution, that has become routine in elementary schools across America, is the requirement that ALL persons wanting to volunteer or who are regularly on campus must “pass” a criminal background check.


Persons wanting to Volunteer at RPA  need to fill out a Volunteer Application and complete a background check.  both are available in the main office.  For more details, email Maria McCollum at  We understand that most people have things in their past of which they are not proud.   That said, here are the criteria we will be using to determine who “passes” the background check process.

  • People who will be SUPERVISING students at school functions cannot have a felony background.

  • People who have felony background BUT who 1) have been “off paper” for five years or more, and B) whose past offense (s) DO NOT include violent or person-on-person crimes MAY (at the discretion of the principal) be allowed to volunteer during school hours (but not to “supervise”).


At RPA we are a family.  We believe that as people mature, they learn from their mistakes.   While we will be adhering to these guidelines, any person who feels there is a special circumstance the school should consider regarding their volunteer service at RPA is encouraged to write a brief note to the appropriate Principal requesting a time to discuss the topic in a private and respectful manner.

You matter in your child's education         - Sincerely in Service,    John Nelsen

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