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  Campus Security

Ensuring the safety of our students, families, staff, and visitors is a top priority on campus.    To ensure that security provisions are current, the Executive Director is working with a professional school security consultant to identify trends and best practices in schools, audit RPA's current practices, and make recommendations for improvement.   As a result of this work, we anticipate a complete overhaul of our Emergency Response Protocol for the 23-24 school year.

That being said,  the following are some of the specific tools currently in use to address this priority.


Controlled Access to Buildings:   As a policy, all exterior doors campus-wide are to remain locked during school hours.  Recently installed electronic access pads on main entrances track who is entering the school, when, and where.   In addition, all classrooms with exterior doors have been rekeyed. 


Security Cameras Throughout School/Campus:    Over the past two years, RPA has invested in an extensive video surveillance system that allows all entrances, halls and play areas to be monitored throughout the day.


Campus Lighting:  In January 2023 outdoor lighting was installed campus-wide.  Lights are on during all non-daylight hours to discourage "lurkers" and add to the comfort and security of our visitors.

Emergency Response Plan:   The plan establishes an emergency organization to direct and control operations at the school site during a period of emergency by assigning responsibilities to specific personnel. 

Communication Systems:  All staff carries walkie-talkies throughout the school day.  In addition, classrooms are equipped with telephones and a loudspeaker system.  It should be noted that many staff also carry cell phones to aid ease of communication.

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Emergency Drills:  Fire drills shall be conducted each month. The first fire drill must be completed within 10 days of the start of classes. At least two drills on earthquakes shall be conducted each year.  In addition, the school has established a safety committee for the purpose of assessing the school's security needs and making recommendations. 

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Controlled Campus Access:   The campus has four"external" (street access) gates and two "internal" (campus partitioning) gates.   All gates except the main entrance remain locked during school hours.   


Student Uniforms, Staff ID badges, and Visitor stickers:  RPA's student uniform policy allow staff to quickly identify RPA students from visitors.   Likewise, RPA staff are required to carry staff ID badges while on campus.   All visitors are required to check in at the main office, where they will be given a visitor sticker that must be displayed while on campus. 

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