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Historic Rockwood School Campus
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In June 2022,  after several years of scrimping and saving, the KNOVA Learning Oregon  Board of Directors purchased the Historic Rockwood School Campus to serve as a permanent home
for Rockwood  Preparatory Academy.   Established in 1923, the school has been serving  Rockwood families for over 100 years! 

The campus, which sits on several acres in the heart of the Rockwood community, consists of six buildings as follows:
  • Old Rockwood School Bldg.  (Houses grades K-2)
  • Long Hall Bldg. (Houses Grade 3-5)
  • Student Services Bldg.  (Houses ELL, SpEd, Title I, Speech, and School Psychologist)
  • Gymnasium/Event Center Bldg.  (Houses PE and Champions)
  • The Hope Center Bldg
  • Warehouse and Maintenance Bldg.

Upon purchasing the site we began diligently chipping away at decades of deferred maintenance priorities.  While marginally "adequate" for our short-term needs, the campus's roofs, boilers, parking lots, floors, bathrooms, etc., were all in need of replacement/restoration.  In addition, technology and security upgrades were sorely needed.   we still have a long way to go before the restoration is complete, the following are some pictures and notes on recent progress.   

Roofs:   We have begun the long and resource-intensive process of replacing/repairing/upgrading over 65,000 square feet of roofing.   Priority has been given to the  Old Rockwood School Building and Long Hall.  We expect the complete those projects by the end of Summer of 2023!

Heating and A/C:   We have replaced the antiquated boiler system with "mini-splits" campus-wide.   All classrooms and offices now have reliable heating and cooling systems!

Student Services Building:  The former middle school library building has a new life as RPA's Student Services Building.  Title I, SpEd, Speech, and other specialized services staff are enjoying this new home.
Classrooms:  All RPA classrooms are being renovated for the 2023-24 school year! (floors, ceilings, wall paint, HVAC!)
Playground:    Freshly paved with a new play structure, RPA's playground is starting to take shape!  We will continue to raise funds for the expansion of our play structure.  

Parking lot and Pavement:  Carline got a lot easier when we completed the paving on the north parking lot and driveways!   We also took the opportunity to prune the giant pine trees  and clean up our "forest."  We intend to pave the south parking lot in the next two years.  
Bathrooms: The two classroom bldgs each have two sets of student bathrooms.  While antiquated, all are clean and functional.  Restoration work is currently underway and all bathrooms are scheduled for completion in 2023. The gym bldg. and Hope Center both have updated lavatory facilities.    

Hallways and Offices:  All hallways and offices are expected to be complete (new floors/walls/ceilings/heating & AC) by September 2023.
Campus Technology:  RPA has established a strong technological infrastructure.   This includes campus communication systems, network systems, Chromebooks for all students, and cutting-edge classroom teaching tools.
The Hope Center:  Previously a heavily damaged 1948 gymnasium (unusable shell), The Hope Center is now a thriving activity center serving the Rockwood community.  Cross-fit training, after-school care, food programs, and groups for all sorts of interests.


With a 100-year-old campus, there are endless "projects" to address.   We are currently looking for resources to install efficient window systems, finish replacing campus roofs,  fully remodel bathrooms, repair & paint all building exteriors,  and remodel the cafeteria! 
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